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FAQ CDkeyNL Points – How to earn points

This is the FAQ page about CDkeyNL’s Rewards Program. If you have not found the answers you were looking for, please feel free to send our Rewards Team an email at If you wish to have information about CDkeyNL itself, please have a look at our CDkeyNL dedicated FAQ. About CDkeyNL points How do I earn points? Earning points is easy. You just need to complete different actions like issue “Likes” on Facebook, leave a comment, Tweet, Google Plus One, etc. How much points do I earn with each different action? Below is the list of the amount of points you earn for each action. You can find full information about it HERE New Registrations: 300 Points Daily Visit: 300 Points Approved Comment: 300 Points Clicking on our links (Facebook Share, Google Share, Twitter Share and Pinterest Share): 300 Points per link Publishing Content: Valid post: 5000 points; and every comment on your post: 300 points Referrals: Referring Visitors: 10 Points, Referring Sign ups: 300 Points *Note: The point value might be readjusted at any time without prior notice, we can also add/remove actions and temporarily disable some actions. How do I get started? You can start by connecting either your Facebook account or Google profile. To do this, simply click on the Facebook or Google icon at the right side of the page. How do I redeem games? Once you get enough points, you can start redeeming games from our Rewards Catalog. Instructions: 1. Click on Rewards Catalog to view the list of available games you can redeem. 2. Browse the Catalog. The amount of points each game costs is indicated at the top of the game’s image. The image also includes the logo/icon of the platform where you can activate that game on. 3. Once you’ve decided which... Read On