No Man’s Sky Release Date for PC Delayed

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No Man’s Sky release date for PC moved to August 12 worldwide

Hello Games founder Sean Murray confirmed on Twitter that No Man’s Sky release date for PC has now been moved to August 12 worldwide. The game was originally scheduled to come out on August 9.

Starting a series of tweets, Murray posts, “I really want to clarify our PC release date. It’s something we’re working extremely hard on.”

He then adds, “PC NMS release will now be global and will be August 12th worldwide. It’s so important we get it right and make the best version we can…”

“We apologise for the extra days wait this means for North America. Steam page will [be] updated to reflect this asap”

“There are reasons we have to be tight lipped at times. I’m sorry for the confusion caused 🙁” 

“We think a global release is best for everyone on PC. Retail forces us to be staggered on PS4”

Some of he game’s fans reacted with:

“Thanks so much for everything you do. We can wait as long as you need. Keep up the great work <3”

“Thank you for taking the time to do so. There’s so many PC developers who just rush the ports out the door and don’t care.”

“Super disappointed 🙁 My partner & I booked time off work to play, now it’s too late to change it.”