Battlefield 1 Spectator Mode Lets You Capture Stunning Cinematic Videos and Images

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EA DICE has introduced the Battlefield 1 Spectator Mode which allows players to capture cinematic videos and images. The developers asked the help of screenshot artist Berduu to test out the Spectator Mode

To give us tips on how to capture screenshots and cinematic videos in Spectator Mode, EA DICE has enlisted the help of screenshot artists such as Berduu to try it out for us. According to him, to get things started, simply join a match as a spectator to start Spectator Mode.

You can then use different tools to capture your images. One such tool is the Director Camera. This camera allows you to follow an individual soldier or vehicle around. You can lock in to a player’s movement while having control on the camera’s position.

Another camera you can use is the Free Camera which you can setup in multiple areas all around the map. You can switch from one camera to another at any time you wish. Each of the cameras’ settings can also be adjusted according to your preference.

If you want to give your screenshots or cinematic videos a nicer effect, you can also adjust your depth of field (DOF) and field of view (FOV) options. Filters are also available for you to use. When you think you’re all set, you can hide the HUD and start capturing!

Check out these videos to learn more about the Battlefield 1 Spectator Mode: