FAQ CDkeynl Points – How to earn points

This is the FAQ page about CDkeyNL’s Rewards Program. If you have not found the answers you were looking for, please feel free to send our Rewards Team an email at allkeyhoprewards[@]gmail.com. If you wish to have information about CDkeyNL itself, please have a look at our CDkeyNL dedicated FAQ.

About CDkeyNL points

How do I earn points?

head Earning points is easy. You just need to complete different actions like issue “Likes” on Facebook, leave a comment, Tweet, Google Plus One, etc.

How much points do I earn with each different action?

Below is the list of the amount of points you earn for each action. You can find full information about it HERE
  • New Registrations: 1000 Points
  • Daily Visit: 600 Points
  • Approved Comment: 600 Points
  • Clicking on our links (Facebook Share, Google Share, Twitter Share and Pinterest Share): 600 Points per link
  • Publishing Content: Valid post: 5000 points; and every comment on your post: 300 points
  • Referrals: Referring Visitors: 100 Points, Referring Sign ups: 1000 Points
head1 *Note: The point value might be readjusted at any time without prior notice, we can also add/remove actions and temporarily disable some actions.
How do I get started?
You can start by connecting either your Facebook account or Google profile. To do this, simply click on the Facebook or Google icon at the right side of the page. screenshot

How do I redeem games?

Once you get enough points, you can start redeeming games from our Rewards Catalog. Instructions: 1. Click on Rewards Catalog to view the list of available games you can redeem. screenshot 2. Browse the Catalog. The amount of points each game costs is indicated at the top of the game’s image. The image also includes the logo/icon of the platform where you can activate that game on. screenshot 3. Once you’ve decided which game to redeem, scroll down and go to the Leave a reply section. Fill out all the required information if needed. Untitled-2 To place your order, post a comment using the following information:
  • First and Last Name – as it appears on the Facebook/Google Account you used to join the program
  • Facebook/Google+ Profile URL
  • Email Address
  • Title of the game/s you wish to redeem
Click SUBMIT once you’re done. head1NOTE: COMMENTS WITH INCOMPLETE INFORMATION WILL NOT BE PROCESSED. YOUR COMMENT WILL NOT IMMEDIATELY SHOW ON THE PAGE AS IT NEEDS TO BE MODERATED FIRST.   4. A representative from our Rewards Team will approve your comment and post a reply about the status of your redemption. 5. It will take up to 3-5 business days for your CD key to be sent to you. However, in instances where there are a huge volume of users who redeemed games, there may be delays in the delivery of CD keys. screenshot

Earn more CDkeyNL points

How can I earn even more points than just daily actions?
headYou can earn massive amount of points by checking our Facebook page. We organize DAILY contests that are very easy (like guess what this game is and such), you can earn thousands of points (usually 10k, but we may offer more on occasions).
How can I earn even more points than daily actions and facebook contest?
You can earn even more points if you promote us by using the following forum signatures. Just use them and tell us about where you used them, give us link to the forum/blog/website you are using it on and then we will reward you with thousands of CDkeyNL points! Signatures: 80×31 80X31 240×80 240x80 480×80 480x80
How can I earn even more points than daily actions, facebook contest and using your forum signatures?
You can earn even more points very easily. You can earn thousands and thousands of points by just commenting on our website wether on game pages, shop reviews, etc. Each month we will reward the user that will participate the most on our site. For example if you made 1 000 comments we will reward you 10 000 points and so on. Check our Top Commentator Widget: ScreenHunter_61 Feb. 17 19.29
Ok, I want to REALLY contribute, how can I get really MASSIVE amounts of points?
You can get MASSIVE amount of points by talking about CDkeyNL on other forums, blogs, website that you know or own. Each time you talk about us you can earn thousands of points each day. All you got to do is send us a screenshot of the comments you’ve made, your nickname and the url of the page where you posted, and you CDkeyNL account name, all together to this email address: points@allkeyshop.com After we verified we will add the points to your account. The comments will need to be unique, well made and explain our activity. Here is the summary of the rules: – 1 comment by site, forum, blog, and by user. So do not spam 🙂 – The forums, blogs, etc must be videogame related (pc, hardware, hightech, geek, guild, esport, etc). Points you can earn: Comment on forums = 2000 points Comment on blog, website = 5000 points Full Article or news on a blog = 20000 points (250 words minimum, with unique content, no copy and paste)
Additional Earning Opportunity!
Help us be more accurate in posting information on our games’ pages. When you check out a game’s page on our site and you see that the link to the store is not working and/or if it’s incorrect (redirects to the wrong page, shows incorrect region, or edition) send us a message about it thru email and we will reward you for that (Our team will review this first. Only verified reports will be rewarded with points). Please send the following details to us: 1. Name of the Game + URL of the page from our site 2. Name of the store + Link to their site 3. Description (ex: This store’s link is not working; The URL is incorrect; The region is supposed to be US but it says Europe) Send the information to: points@allkeyshop.com 500 points will be rewarded for every valid report you send us.
Be a video star!
Send us a copy of a video you personally created about game walkthroughs, cheats, tips and tricks of any game you want to feature, and we will reward you with points. 🙂 The video should be your original work. Our team will review the video you’re going to submit. If it meets our standards, and if the video is done nicely, we will award you with points. 5,000 Points = video without narration 10,000 Points = video with narration Send us your video via email: points@allkeyshop.com

Redeem a game

I redeemed a game from the Catalog. Why didn’t I receive the CD key yet?
head1The CD key is NOT sent immediately upon redemption. You will first receive a confirmation email from our team which confirms your redemption. Here’s an example: 1900088_604181379655691_634558082_n
When will my confirmation email be sent?
Usually it is sent within 24 hours, however, depending on the number of people who will be sent emails to, the confirmation email may take up to 2-3 business days to be sent to you. head1NOTE: In cases where there are a huge volume of redemptions, sending of confirmation emails may be delayed.    
I successfully redeemed a game from the Catalog but didn’t receive the confirmation email, what can I do?
Our Rewards Team will only be sending the confirmation email to the email address you indicated on the comment you created. If for instance your email account has been compromised, or you simply lost access to it, please send the following details to our Rewards Team via email:
  • First and Last name as it appears on the Facebook account you used to connect to the program.
  • The game you redeemed
  • Site where you redeemed the game from (e.g.: Allkeyshop, CheapDigitalDownload, Clavecd.es, Goclecd.fr, Keyfrosteam.de, CDkeyIT, CDkeyNL, CDkeyPT)
  • Date when you redeemed the game
  • Valid email address
head1Send the details to allkeyshoprewards@gmail.com. Emails sent with incomplete information (i.e, did not include First and Last name) will be disregarded. NOTE: Our Rewards Team receives tons of emails on a daily basis, thus responses may not arrive immediately. Please wait and a specialist will respond to you as soon as your turn comes. Our Rewards Team responds to emails by the order they receive them.
I redeemed a game but decided I don’t want it anymore. Can I have my points refunded?
Please notify us via email about the cancellation of your redemption with the following details:
  • First and Last name as it appears on the Facebook account you used to connect to the program.
  • The game you redeemed
  • Site where you redeemed the game from (e.g.: Allkeyshop, CheapDigitalDownload, Clavecd.es, Goclecd.fr, Keyfrosteam.de, CDkeyIT, CDkeyNL, CDkeyPT)
  • Date when you redeemed the game
Send your request with COMPLETE DETAILS to allkeyshoprewards@gmail.com. It may take up to 24-48 hours for the changes to take effect on your account. head1NOTE: Our Rewards Team receives tons of emails on a daily basis, thus responses may not arrive immediately. Please wait and a specialist will respond to you as soon as your turn comes. Our Rewards Team responds to emails by the order they receive them.    

Question about CDKEYs

I received the confirmation email but still did not receive my CD key.
head1As soon as we send out the confirmation email, we send a request to our supplier for the CD key you redeemed. Depending on the number of people who redeemed games from our Catalog, it may take up to 3-5 days for the CD key to be sent to you. In cases where there are a huge volume of game redemptions, delivery of CD keys may be delayed.
Is the CD key region free?
headYes, we’re sending out region free CD keys.    
What platform can I activate the CD keys with?
headDepending on the game, you can either use your CD key to activate it on online platforms such as Steam, Origin, etc. It is indicated on the game image in our Catalog.
How will I receive the CD key?
headYou will receive your CD key via email. We will send it to the email associated with your Facebook/Google account, or the email address you indicated in the comment section when you placed your order.
I received my CD key but it’s not working. What do I do?
head1Send us an email about it with a complete description of the error as well as a screenshot with the error message. We will contact our supplier about it. Depending on the number of people they need to service, it may take up to 24 hours or more before a response can be given to you. If in case the supplier made an error on the CD key they delivered, they will send us a replacement for it. Please send it to: allkeyshoprewards@gmail.com

General Questions and guidelines

I noticed you have 7 other sites with the same rewards program. Can I join theirs, too?
head1No. You can only choose 1 from among our 8 sites. If you’ve been earning and redeeming games from Allkeyshop, you cannot do so on Cheapdigitaldownload.com, Clavecd.es, Goclecd.fr, and Keyforsteam.de.
I am still able to earn points from your other sites and was able to redeem a game.
head1Yes, technically speaking, you can still do so, however if you try redeeming a game, it will not be sent to you.We have a way to check if you’ve already been earning points from one of our sites, and if our team sees that you’ve redeemed a game from another one of our sites, they will disregard the redemption and have you “opted-out” of the program.
Why won’t you allow me to earn points and redeem games from all your sites?
head1That’s because all our sites have the exact same rewards program, with the same games on the Catalog, same pricing, and same methods of earning points.    
What happens when I’m “opted-out”?
head1An opted-out user will not be able to earn points even if the options to do so are still available.    
I want you to add to your Catalog and I want it to cost XXXXX points!
head1What’s listed on the Catalog is what it is. We do not add games on the Catalog simply because everyone wants us to do so. We may consider adding the games you suggested, but it may not take effect immediately. We will decide how much it will cost.
I am opted out and I want my points to be transferred from this site to another site of yours.
head1Points cannot be transferred from 1 site to another, nor can it be combined with your existing points with another site. Users are also not allowed to “donate” points to each other.
I received an email and it says my account is under investigation. What will I do?
head1Our Rewards Team double checks each users’ activity, and if they see any discrepancies, or points that are illegally obtained (e.g., getting 10,000 for 1 comment), your account will be put under investigation and the game you redeemed will be on hold. If our Rewards Team sees that such activities persist, your account will be banned from the program. IMPORTANT: All users with accounts that are under investigation can only communicate with our Rewards Team directly via email. Questions sent via Facebook will be disregarded. Kindly email them at allkeyshoprewards@gmail.com. NOTE: Our Rewards Team receives tons of emails on a daily basis, thus responses may not arrive immediately. Please wait and a specialist will respond to you as soon as your turn comes. Our Rewards Team responds to emails by the order they receive them.

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