SteamKeyBox Coins Lottery

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SteamKeyBox.com – the future of the Allkeyshop Reward Program! With SteamKeyBox, you can win any game of your choice, literally!

In order to spin the wheel, you will need Coins (SteamKeyBox currency). You can purchase these on the SteamKeyBox.com Shop (this option is not available at this time as the site is still on its soft opening. We will update you as soon as this option becomes available for you).

But of course, since we all love free stuff, we’ve got this awesome lottery for you where you can win FREE COINS! 

You can use your Allkeyshop Points to join the lottery. Simply enter the corresponding amount of tickets you want to purchase in the lottery above, and you’re all set!

About SteamKeyBox.com

SteamKeyBox.com is truly the future of the Allkeyshop Reward Program. This website lets you spin your very own customized Wheel with games you pick out yourself as prizes!

Here’s how it works:

With your Coins, you will be able to choose a game which you can put in the wheel slot that corresponds to the game’s tier (the price of the game equals the price of wheel).

You can place seven (7) games of your own choosing. Simply click on a slot on the wheel, and you will be directed to a pop-up menu that has a list of games you can choose according to the tier you selected.

The eighth slot on the wheel (30¢) is solely for Premium Games. The games you can place on this slot must be more than the cost of the tier which is 30¢. Take note, though, that a huge gap between the game’s price, and the tier of the wheel will lower your chances of winning.

Once done placing the games you like, simply spin the wheel by clicking on the PLAY BUTTON found at the center of the wheel, and you’ll instantly get your key!

Read the Game Rules to get full information on SteamKeyBox.com.

Want more COINS? Join the SteamKeyBox Reward Program and earn Points!


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